Digital Dimdima


Failure changed my life

Once I saw the darkness
Coming towards me
When peacefully I was sitting
Coming towards me
Suddenly all light around were clouded
Afraid to speak, I felt hollowed
From my sleep, from my all good feeling
Soon darkness swept over, everything was swallowed
I found myself, kneeling and praying
To be left alone, but I was followed
I was traumatized by the darkness
I cried, twitched in pain
Even my soul tried to escape into wilderness
But everything turned useless in vain
I lost my confidence and the spirit to fight
Lost the wish to live my life
Nothing seemed fine or right
It felt as if I was cut into pieces by knife
Nothing after that ever seemed right
My life was never the same again
Even after I tried with all might
To get away from it, but it came over again and again
Like an old scar, it always stayed
I tried everything but it never swayed
It is fear which never left me alone
I succumbed, I surrendered and it won
That was the day when I flunked
And my life was stunned.

Purnima Radesh
Bhavan's Mehta Vidyalaya

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