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Hard To Choose

By Jaimy Susan Davies

2nd year Engineering student




 Hard To Choose


The light blue sky above

And the dark green grass below,

I sat in my garden gazing

At the beautiful flowers I love.

Some are orange red,

Some a golden yellow

Some are very big

But none of them too small.

They danced in the gentle breeze

And smiled at the busy bees

Too beautiful were they, for words

With the dew drops sparkling their grace.

But then the birds twittered

And I turned thither,

For its song was very sweet

A gentle music in my ears.

Sparrows and cuckoos,

And others I little know

Flying in and out-

Of their little nests, so dainty.

Violet, blue, red and green

So was the rainbow seen

The black birds in the distant sky

Seemed like the beauty spot of the magical scene.

Then came the little butterflies

Stopping here and there

A perfect match for the fragrant flowers,

And the rainbow in the sky.

Which is more beautiful?

I wondered for a long time.

The birds, flowers or butterflies,

Or the rainbow in the sky?

Each element of nature

Seems just as nice as the other,

So a little poet like me

Finds it difficult to choose from so many!


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