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Thoughts by Sreya

I sat at my window,
Looked at the sky,
And watched the birds fly,
And thought------thought about what?
Why! Thought about thoughts,
Lots and lots!!
I wondered what they are,
Do they come from near?
Or do they come from far?
Do they travel through the ocean?
Or from some distant star?
Do they strike one,
As cupid’s arrow strikes?
Or do they stealthily creep,
Like sea monsters from the deep?
I know that the answer,
I will never know,
‘Coz that would ruin a brilliant show,
But I am as happy,
As can be,
‘Coz I love my thoughts,
As my friends love me,
For no one can compare,
Thoughts with silver,
Or copper or even gold!
Because thoughts are an eternal mystery,
Alluring tales never to be told.

Sreya Datta
Std. X
Bhavan's Kolkata

Words of Appreciation

purbita I have thoughts like that too.

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