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A Fat Rhyme

Fatty Foster was born on a Monday,
Cakes and pastries he ate all day.
His tummy grew bigger with all that he ate,
But no one could change his dreadful fate.

He landed in hospital with a lot of pain,
But all of the doctor's tries went in vain.
Soon he could not even enter his house,
But his problems had just begun to rouse.

To break the world record he ate some more,
And then his family decided to take up a tour.
When he went to Egypt he drank up the Nile,
And his burp was heard from farther than a mile.

He ate up all the roosters in Turkey,
And all the fishes were gone from Miami.
In USA the Grand Canyon was emptied by him,
And everybody lost hope of turning him slim.

He ate and ate all day and night,
And then the consequences he had to fight.
So one day his stomach burst with a pang,
And the universe experienced another BIG BANG!

Siddharth Shah and Samarth Doshi
Essar international school,

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