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According to me armed struggle between two nations is a war,
May be what ever it is caused for.

During a war people shed loads of blood,
And don’t care even if it causes a flood.

The below line is said by some head,
“we need to fight for each piece of bread”.

During a war there are hardly people who keep up their word,
and many who don’t forget what they have heard.

A person who doesn’t keep up his word is a liar,
And when the truth about the same is unraveled it rages in you a fire.

During a war the large fields of lotus,
After the kings command are turned to that of cactus.

Such a king must be put into the cage,
Who just acts to be an innocent sage.

Soon the world will come to an end,
If in front of the king people continue to bend.

Wars today are depleting human resource,
So we should say no to them in a hoarse.

Sunaina Agarwal
10 E

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