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The Night before Fifteen

The sky was a shade misty
As if it was charged!
The trucks rolled by
As I sat on a balcony high.
Below me, the dogs and cows whispered
As in the wind, the leaves shivered...
T'was fifteen minutes to fifteen
As I gazed about, waiting...
Life had zoomed through those fifteen ages
When I laughed, cried and demanded wages!
I remembered my experiments with luck,
When in dead failures, I remained stuck,
Through the ages, I obeyed and regretted
When with tough luck I was treated...
As the breeze ruffled my hair,
I began to see why life was fair.
Those fifteen years, life really did teach,
How in this world suffers each...
Besides this, the master also taught
How wars in the battlegrounds are to be fought...
Thus, my favourite teacher transformed me
Into an intellectual the world could see!
As I shifted in the balcony
I wondered why was I feeling strangely happy?
As in the breeze, the lad sat waiting
For it was the night before fifteen!

Mukul Wahie
IX - C
BVM Sri Krishna Nagar

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