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Going to school

We all go to school,
We all go to school
Why do we go to school daily, Mom?
I often ask her
Why is it not Sunday everyday?
Why can't we get up late everyday?
I often ask my MOM

Why do children have to say- "Yes Mom Yes Dad"
Why don’t the parents say- 'Yes son 'Yes son "
Then Mom said –
"We go to school daily son
because school is a temple, our second home
We acquire much at home, We learn at school
If we won't go to school, We won't be aware, We won't be enlightened
If it is Sunday everyday, You will get up late every morning
You will become very lazy and later on not even earn anything
So children have to say "Yes Mom Yes Dad" Because you are cute, you
are sharp,
But everything you simply can't know So I smilingly say
With love and care. It's your parents your teachers. Who make you aware
What's right - What's wrong
So you have to say Yes Mom Yes Dad"
There is no other way out!

Ahsaas Verma
Bhavans Vidyalaya

Words of Appreciation

amit oh! now you understand the importance of Parents.

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