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My Kite

My colouful kite flies swiftly in the air,
And I fly it carefully, with great care.
When I fly it from the ground it hits against a tree,
But when I fly it from the tree, it feels very free.

My beautiful kite flies far and near,
It changes it’s speed without a gear.
I feel my kite is better than a car,
I have fun with my kite and I play “KITE WAR”.

It’s favourite condition is windy weather,
My wonderful kite is as soft as a feather.
When I fly it from my house, it is seen from the railway station,
I feel it is the best kite of our majestic nation!

By Tejas Sriram
V ‘C’
Bhavan's Public School

Words of Appreciation

sweety The poem was great! you are a wonderful writer
mugdha mittal great poem, Tejas! you are a real poet. no wonder the poems you write in school are also so good.

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