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Thunder Storm

Thunder Storm 

By:  Isabelle Frehner

The Thunder Storm rumbled all through the night, 

Fearful colts fled in fright.

As they ran, water trickled down their backs,

Covering up their deep, sodden tracks.

No blue sky showed through the morning,

The rain fell rapidly and kept on pouring.

Lightning clapped, and thunder boomed,

There was no light as the clouds loomed.

The storm has now calmed,

Leaving the colts less alarmed.

The clouds parted and showed rays of light,

Now they run freely; black, brown and white.

Words of Appreciation

Anna Zhu Nice poem on a subject you obviously truly love , you have taken the theme from the windy day we had yesterday . Well done. Can you write something about summer as summer is on it's way. And there are so many other subjects around us - the sky , the sea, cats , dogs , birds - try your hand at these subjects. I am sure you can do it , as you are so knowledgeable and brilliant on the subject of horses and other subjects. I am Sure - prove me right .
Sylvia Reber Good
Malyatha That was a very nice poem! Keep it up! Write more poems to develop your skills on writing poems!!
shakul Beautiful and very inspiring for becoming a nature poet.

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