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The world appeals

The world has so many problems,
Which we tend to ignore,
The animals are appealing,
Come, look a little more.
The lions have stopped roaring,
The birds have stopped their cries,
One sound they make,
They have to pay the price.
For man is on the outlook,
For more hunt and prey,
One gunshot in the sky,
Scares animals miles away
Man has gone blind,
As he fails to see
What he is doing to the earth,
What the earth is going to be.
So many programmes, so many seminars,
Have all gone waste,
It is no longer in man's hand,
To decide his fate.
The trees are no longer green,
No longer is there a rainbow,
For we have tried to overlook,
What nature tries to show.
The birds are falling dead,
The animals are going extinct,
Just because the selfish We
Have acted on instinct.
"Wake up!" is the call,
It is not too late,
Even now we can make a change,
There is no time to wait.

Sanyukta Dharmadhikari
X std
Bhavan's B.P.Vidya Mandir, Napgur

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