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My Wish


By:  Veena Krish, USA

I had a wish,

to fly in the sky

along with the humming birds so high.

to follow the path of the colorful butterfly

and run through the green meadows where the morning dewdrops lie.

I had a wish,

to play along with the small kids

and join them in the merry-go-round rides.

to hear to their innocent voice

and tap my legs as they sing a song of their choice.

I had a wish,

to gaze at the twinkling stars

and wonder how far they are.

to listen to the melody of nightingale

and forget all my worries as I dance as long as I feel.

I had a wish,

to have someone as my best friend,

who would lend his/her shoulders to me till the end.

to walk hand-in-hand with a pal,

someone who would encourage me when I tend to fall.

I had a wish,

to play as the rain drops fall,

dancing along with my teddy bear doll.

to stare at the sky during sunrise and sunset

and ask myself whether the land and sky could have ever met.

Now, I have a wish,

to close my eyes

and realize where the true happiness lies.

and continue my life in search of the eternal power,

thus uncovering the truth about the Almighty once and for ever!

Words of Appreciation

Sanam It is really very beautiful
Isabelle Frehner It is a bit long...But that's ok!!! It really is something special :) he he he :) :) :) :) :) :)
Nicole I think that it's very cute and special.
Tiffany Gassert That was the worst poem I ever read in my whole life and I'm not sorry to say that either and even I could write a better poem than that.
Shweta It's very nice
Rajashekar.G.B. The poem is fantastic, Best of luck.
aby It's Good
aby it's Nice
karishma The poem is good
sujata datar Its a very nice poem.

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