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The Dawn

My watch shone 5:15
And in my room there was nothing to be seen
There was a faint light outside my window
It seemed like a far-off meadow...
Ignoring it, I tried to toss away to sleep
But over me, curiousity began to creep...
At the window, many a times did I peep
As slowly into my room, the light began to creep.
To pass the time, there were not things many
So I opened the doorway to my balcony.

I opened my eyes to a blast of sunlight
Which I couldn't resist try as I might.
The sky was a sea of gold
And the trees stood up like knights bold
Mother nature displayed her golden glory
As the sun shone in with flamboyant fury.
Over the clouds, the birds sung happily
As the wind roared about frantically.
The cows mooed and the sheep bleet
As the petals and leaves fluttered in the breeze.
T'was like the kingdom of Terabithia
With the exotic beauty of Narnia
Human's law of destruction, nature had condemned
Under the sky plants and animals had united
All anxieties from my heart had gone
As lay ahead of me the eternal dawn.

Mukul Wahie
IX - C
BVM, Sri Krishna Nagar

Words of Appreciation

sanil pirani Well done.

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