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The Frustration

I have a console called Game Boy Advance
It always draws me into a trance
Two long years ago, I bought a new game
But now, it's all the same.
During these summer holidays,
When I'm at my place,
I begin to play the game
With no trace of shame.

Now to play, it's such a pleasure
Because I'm at all my leisure
Smack, boom, thwack and punch!
Fighting with the villains, a snack I munch!
But now, of this game, comes the deciding stage.
Where a grid has taken me hostage!

Up, down, left and right
I can't escape try as I might
Block the passage, thrash the barrel!
But I can't even hear a Christmas Carol!
To cross the level, I find no way
All I can do is just sit and pray!
Wait, maybe I've overlooked something
But when I rush back, there's nothing
Did I take the wrong path?
Or is it time to take a sunbath?

Such is the frustration of mine
Where nothing looks fine!
In frustration, I want to eat mice
But hey, can you lend me some advice?

Mukul Wahie
Bhavan's B.P. Vidya Mandir
Sri Krishna Nagar

Words of Appreciation

shreen That's a nice poem. You can also write poems on nature. I love nature.
samiksha Hey, Mukul. Nice poem, didn't expect this cool poem from you. Keep it up. Best of luck.

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