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The Journey of a signet

Once by the ridge of the world,
stood a little signet
A beautiful pink signet

She adorned rare grace
for beauty was her race,
In her very own race

She glided gently into the lake
the vast lake of life
into the lake of destiny

Feathers held abreast,
head lowered high
higher than the waters

The course of the waters,
rapid and changing
took her into a vision
A vision no longer a dream

Envisioned by the course
she saw her cause to live
a cause that asked for to live

Many a suitors, cause they came
but none deemed worthy
worthy of her fame

The signet now no longer her,
an elegant swan to woo
to woo and be won

Her eyes sensed but several
emotions as they passed
emotions unknown to her

She followed the course
of the river
her very river of destiny

It had its choice
but fate none to quote
none decisive to quote

As she passed the wakening skies
the crying dusk and clouds
black sun and blue grey clouds

Tears streamed with each a passing
but tarried no longer to cry
lose heart, weep, mope and cry

The course stopped not
took her longer to wander
a place she knew not to wander

Now she floats among the trees
cooing with beauty and grace
grace anew with strength, for a race

What was her destiny,
what is her fate?
as she floats away to this date?


Once by the ridge of the world,
stood a little signet

ex- BVBite, coimbatore

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