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Depth of the sea

Depth of the sea refers to soul of the heart
Clean it up and remove the dirt.

If courage is along, then win is certain
Itís the source, we are just curtain.

Life is a path having lots of bends.
Start the journey donít think of ends.

Be a champ, playing life as a game
Good is behind, best should be the aim.

Running with life! No, itíll run along
We are the rhythm itís just a song.

Teachers are tutors, pay them the fee
Coz everything comes from the depth of the sea.

World is an ocean while life is a boat
We need champs as singing needs throat

Dig the earth and bury your worry
And demit is not in our dictionary.

Every help to you, god will provide
Start the journey he is the guide.

Donít sit idle pull up your gear
Never let it start the era of fear.

So, become a brave man and join me
Coz everything comes from the depth of the sea.

Kapil Joshi
Bhavanís Mehta Vidyalaya
New Delhi

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