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Avanti Saoji

6 yrs

My favourite animal is a dog. I think he is very cute and loveable. It is my favourite dog in the world. He doesn't bark at anyone. My friend also has a dog. I love all dogs.

Words of Appreciation

Gayatri Kunte Avanti your story is very interesting. Keep it up .
Momoko Narimatsu My best friend My best friend's name is Dharshita. She is from Maharashtra. She has long beautiful hair and have big eyes. She is very kind to me and other friends too. She is always ready to help any one who wants help. She is very cheerful and makes me happy when she smiles at me with her big mouth.
Shreya That's so cute *smiles* But hey, you forgot to mention that you have a dog!
Sen I have a brown and white dog - she has two tails! When she is angry , she wags her white tail! When she is happy, she wags her brown tail! We call her Chubby!
Santosh Hey, is your dog a "he" or an "it"?!?
Indrajeet Saoji Too Cute. Keep it up
Megha Saoji Too good. I too love dogs.

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