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TSIL Township

“It is a ship that moves smoothly in the turbulent sea of life”}

TSIL TOWNSHIP is a family
In which we all live happily.
Now let me make you understand the meaning of “TSIL Family”

In this Family there is:-
T- True relationship
S- Spirit of brotherhood
I – Integrity
L- Love all around

“Zindagi yaha basti hain
Har pal khusiyan aur masti hain”
It is the song people of this family sing,
By which one can know Relationship,
This family has no starting or ending like a ring….
Children of this family are LV Champs,
Fathers of this family are service champs,
Mothers of this family are all round champs.
No one is poor or rich,
No one is high or low,
All the people living here are equally happy,
And sing their song with merry…
Setting our goals high up in the colors of rainbow
Overcoming the part of shadow
We are moving rapidly to get those colors in Tata sponge
Once who comes here,
Goes back by saying that……….
“If there is a heaven in Orissa
Then it is here, it is here, it is here………….”
No more words to express my feeling……..
Only 8 words to say,
“I am proud to be in Tata Sponge Family.”

Roshni Dandapat
Class - X
Jindal School
Soyabali, Barbil
Dist- keonjhar

Words of Appreciation

ASHOK KUMAR SHARMA Yes. The poem of Miss. Roshni Dandpat is 101% true. A happy & peaceful life in a far remote location. After living in TSIL township one can proud to be the part of Tata sponge family. Happy faces all around. Sound relationshhip between union & management. We can say it is the place with five star facility. Swan lake area looks like resort, temple of the township is unique place for worship, spacious accomodation for living, and lot many positive feeling..... above all the entire township is connected with globe through internet. ......... realy, “Zindagi yaha basti hain Har pal khusiyan aur masti hain” Ashok Kumar Sharma once who was also the part of TSIL family.
amit kumar pradhan yes, your poem is heart touching

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