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Moksha A. Pillai

Class II

Navrachana Higher Secondary School 

very hot, it's very hot

What should I do?

Suddenly black clouds came

The thunder struck

And the lightning flashed

It's raining it's raining

Hip Hip Hurray!

The birds are flying

Cows are running

And I am dancing in rain

The children are playing with paper boats 

Some are dancing in the rain

I am happy to see the world relieved of the heat.

Words of Appreciation

Gayatri Kunte Moksha I really enjoyed your poem very much. Keep it up..
Shreya Loved the way you kept up the tense. Very very good work! Keep it up, poetess!
Santosh Such a nice scene described :-) do birds fly when it's raining?
Vidya V. Nair Hi Moksha, Really it is a good creation by you. Keep it up and Best of luck.
sagar goyal The poem is really good and I enjoyed it thoroughly
soumya sharma It is a very nice poem. I actually did not expect a 2nd grader wrote that though I am in 11th grade I cannot write this poem. Very good moksha. Keep up the very good work
SUSHANT This is a very good poem. You can become a great poet if you write this type of poems.
Anik Siwach Its vry vry kiddie types
japnit It's really a good poem.
japnit It is really a good poem.
sanaya nice

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