Digital Dimdima


My Happy Attitude

I came to a new class with
all my friends shuffled.
Feeling so bad, everything impossible
as if earth and sky have scuffled!

Things seem to be going so wrong
as I watched new faces.
Going back in time, to old class
oh! I found no traces!

I felt so lonely
I wanted to meet all my old friends.
By indulging with new ones,
I did not want to lose any of the old trends!

I started hating my life
in this new atmosphere.
And it was just the sound of loneness walls that I could hear!

I was almost drowned in the mud
when, I felt a hand.
That tried to pull me up
like a fairy, with a wand!

Then I met with new people,
so many of them.
Some good, others better,
but, all of them, a precious gem!

How could I ignore
these wonderful faces around me!
Why didn't I understand
the lovely heaven that surrounds me!

I feel I was such a fool ; A magical season
of making newest friends,
I was drowning without any reason!

But some day had to come
when I understand my environment.
I leave all the stupid loneliness
and wash away all stupid sentiments!

Now I am the happiest one
because of that helped me out of my solitude.
That hand pulling me out of the mud
was none other than, MY HAPPY ATTITUDE!!!

Gunit Gandhi
Bhavan's Vidyalaya

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