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Atlast!, the day has come,

In which I think it's my freedom;

Of course! It is Sunday;

Cartoon Network is waiting for me,

And School books are getting ready,

To sleep;

Playing with friends all day,

And sleeping in a bed which is as soft as hay;

In the evening, for playing I go to the park

Where I always see a lark;

At night I and my family take dinner together, 

Which leaves neither,

Our dog;

But the fun has all finished, 'cause,

Monday again tomorrow.

Why always Sunday, is only so small.

Sayali Saoji

Std V, 

42/A, Pitruchhaya,

Shivaji Nagar,

Nagpur, 440010, India

Words of Appreciation

Ashton I didn't like it much either. Why aren't you at church on Sunday?
Shreya Good effort to write a poem, but it doesn't look anything like a poem. You've tried to make the words rhyme, but without a certain meter, it's a little hard to read and understand. And the English too isn't good.
Vinodh Hi!! you have really done a good job at this very young age. I feel instead of criticizing young children, you guys should try to motivate.... Bye!! 
Santosh WHAT??
sana Good. This is not only yours but also the inner feelings of everybody.

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