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Carrot, my Parrot

I have a parrot,
His beak is red as carrot

He will shriek ‘I love you’,
Though, when he says, it doesn’t ring true.
Because he says and he laughs,
Biting the chili into half.

Some guests he loves and some he hates
And to those he baits
He will coo at them & when they go near
They come back with eyes in tears
He pecks them hard with his beak
Oh! He has a wicked streak

But he is a darling when he is sweet,
To me lovingly, he says tweet, tweet.

He says a prayer in morning
And at night before he sleeps.

From school when I come back
Laughing, a joke he will crack
He fans my face with his wings
And a welcome song he will sing
It doesn’t sound like the way I had taught
But criticizing him will make him very hot
So I praise him and give him a kiss
He pats me with his wing and says, ‘ take this , take this.’

I love my red, green parrot,
Whose name is carrot.

Ananthaa M Sinha

Words of Appreciation

Roshni rose Well I liked this poem very much!!!!!!!!Quite interesting.

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