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Mom is in the kitchen,
Let me help her to make some chicken.
She is cooking fried rice,
And she is always there to give me surprise..

Mom bought me a diamond ring,
And I began to sing.
I wanted to play,
And she gave me some clay………

Mom bought me building bricks,
And she taught me many tricks.
She bought me a toy,
My face lit up with joy…………..

Mom wanted me to go to sleep,
But I began to peep,
She asked me not to peep,
And this made me weep……….

Mom asked me to get ready,
As it was time to study.
I was in the swimming pool,
She said you got to go to school…………

R.Sai Sanjana,
III class,
St.Andrew’s High School,
Andhra Pradesh.

Words of Appreciation

Chandu mama Sanjana's a smart little girl. So will know the whole wide worl(d);)...Keep writing.
Vijay Sanju, good job
Vijay Pasupuleti Good poem cutie pie...
Lavanya.R Dear Sanju thanks for your compliments And also your comments You are a pool of talent And I would always be your adherent Blessed to be your MOM….
Nayanika It's a nice poem. Keep it up!!!
Subbaiah Tata Wonderful. Why only on mom? Write on your Dad also.

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