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My Meaningless Friendship

My Meaningless Friendship

By :

Veena Radhakrishnan 




My life is so insipid without her that I can’t bear

I certainly miss her very much…I swear!

When she was with me, her smile brightened my day

And she brought happiness through my way.

Her eyes were so dazzling and powerful 

But without her the darkness around me is obviously bitterful

Her words were so pleasing that

I couldn't find anyone like her yet!

She was with me through happiness or sorrow

And when she left me, it was like my heart was pierced by an arrow.

Was her sudden disappearance an accident?

Or was that due to some excruciating incident?

At times I ask myself, whether these questions are answerable

Or may be unreasonable…………..

I always knew that she had something in her heart

That she would never share with anyone at any cost

May be it was something in her heart

That took us apart

I never knew what it was 

And whatever it may be, in my life I experienced a great loss.

I don’t know whether someone will replace the lost

But I am sure that her absence has made me a beast.

The beast in me longs to feel real affection

And that affection will help me to attain perfection

When the perfection is attained by the soul,

Then the beast in me will have no role.

Are all these problems inside my heart because of her disappearance?

Then I wish I would have never met such a person,

Who left me without even informing the reason.

Now I feel sorry for myself because

I wonder why I felt bad for no cause

I understand that friendship should be mutual

And changes in our lives are natural

I am going to start a new life 

Where a new friendship is about to blossom in the garden of love!

Words of Appreciation

Vinodh Hey! Your poem is simply superb!! Keep up your good work.
Reva Pankaj Udhas It is lovely man KEEP IT UPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!
Ravi Madam, Your poem is very meaningful .I like it. If you have more poems then please share with me. Ravi
Smriti Agarwal hey!!!!!!! it is just amazing...........I m impressed.
Deepa Hey Roly-poly Your poem is really a wonderful piece. Keep writing more!! Luv u lots - Your didi
Michiko Very good poem! Try to write more poems.
Ruby It is quite an advanced poem. Even I wouldn't have written on one like that. You know what you wrote is like the real truth to me in my life! Keep it up!!
Santosh Good one, I don't understand why you called it a meaningless friendship though, if it meant so much to you…
Richelle That's inspired me a lot about what you have written and I don't think it is a meaningless friendship for me. It is the love for a special friend that you couldn't stop thinking on him/her...and could you write more meaningful poems about friendship.I am impressed on what you have written! I will give you two thumbs up! Could you give me some of your inspirational poems!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!

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