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One night I slept late
Coming after meeting my classmate,
Soon I slept and was in my dreamland
I saw people were playing with sand.
Suddenly I saw a door
I thought there was something more,
I opened and went
Into the new world that was made,
I saw people dancing
and some relaxing.
Women were baking cake
In their homes beside the lake.
I went inside a home
and was amazed to see a gnome,
It had large eyes
looking at me with great surprise.
It led me to a door
and pushed me with a great roar.
I was frightened to see myself amongst men
who had on their head a hen.
They were covered with hair
and were sitting, each on a mare.
Suddenly they all came near me
I cried, "Mummy."
I felt water on my face
I got up with a start,
I saw my mother and father.
I thanked god for it was just a dream
and told my parents all about it.
After that they had a loud laugh
listening about the dwarf.

Shruti Joshi
10 years

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Fenil Well Done
Fenil Well Done

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