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Tree by Yash

Trunk, branches, leaves, roots, twigs, fruits, birds, bugs, animals,
Everything on one tree,
Imagine how tall it must be.

Bees buzzing, birds chirping, bugs fighting, animals hiding,
Everything on one tree,
Imagine how mightier it must be.

Trunk as legs, branches as hands, leaves as hair, roots as toes, twigs as fingers,
Everything one tree has,
Imagine how humanlike it must be.

Sipping water from the soil,
Taking chlorophyll from the roots,
Through the branches and up to the leaves
Imagine how fatter it must be.

Leaves rustling
Twigs clicking
Trunks screeching
Trees whooshing
Imagine how spooky it must be.

Environment preserver
Shelter provider
Oxygen provider
Imagine how generous it must be

Tree gives us oxygen
Branches give us fruits
Roots give us vegetables
Trunks give us essential items
Imagine how helpful it must be.

Oldest in the universe
If it is lying then cut it into two
And count the growth rings
Imagine how honest it must be.

Now that you know all about it
Don’t forget to notice it
It is standing tall and straight
Occupying an inch on every street
Do give a handshake when you meet
As it does with the neighbouring trees.

Student of Purvi’s Creative Writing Class (Mumbai)
Yash Zaveri (Japan)
Std: IV

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