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Independence Day Song

(Sung to the tune of One Love )

One love for freedom’s sake
One love India to make
One love for those who died
One love for the sacrifice
One love they did survive
One love is all we need, One love

One love for the oath they took
One love for the words they spoke
One love they persevered
One love for their sweat and tears
One love for our great leaders
Yes one love, One love is all we need

One love for that burning fire
One love for India’s desire
One love, we are together
One love it’ll be forever
One love the race is run
One love India’s freedom won
One love, one love is all we need

Nichelle Pires (11yrs)
Std. VII
St. Anne’s Fort, Colaba

Words of Appreciation

lavanya great song...second stanza is tooooo good... great thinking at such a tender age.....god bless u child...

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