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Oh! The Lovely Farm

I went to a farm
There is so much charm
I met a pig
Sitting among twigs
He said ‘oink’ and lay in mud
That was his cozy bed

A gaggle of geese walked around
Talking with one another, making loud sound
A peacock sat under the tree
I watched him with glee

The sheep bayed and the dog barked
The horse neighed and the eagle harked

Ducks sat eating worms and ticks
Hens clucked scolding their chicks

Donkeys brayed, covered in soot
Oh! So cute the baby donkey looked
I named her ‘ Taindly’
And she became friendly.

The flowers danced in the breeze
The cuckoos sang in the trees
The leaves made a rustling sound
Spread beautifully on the ground

One day at the farm was great
All things from nature straight

We should love nature and preserve it
It serves us, and we should serve it.

Ananthaa M Sinha

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