Digital Dimdima



Television also called an idiot box
When I see it sometimes, I get shocks
There are such tragic accidents happening all around the globe,
If some people are crying over losing dear ones,
In another city the police is lathicharging a mob,
But I am happily sitting in my home
Watching the daily soap kyunki.... with its endless foam,
Television has both merits and demerits
It can spoil your vision
It can also help you to know what's going on in your nation
It has some channels which depict violence
It has also has channels which show nonsense
It keeps me in touch with the latest science and technology
Even with wild life, history, geography and geology
It keeps me busy during the summer holidays
When its not possible to play outside during the scorching summer days
It keeps silent my cousin who is so fussy
And prevents him from making my room messy
This thing is truly amazing
As it even helps me to deal with my exams which are approaching
It shows some of the most recent movies which I have failed to watch
Mungaaru male, Krrish and Masti aur Mauj
But it is also responsible for obesity in children
As we sit in front of it with lots of popcorn, chips and Cadbury filled with yummy raisins
All these are some of the demerits and merits associated with the television,
But for me without it is like living in the Antarctic wherein temperature is freezing,
So television, I am sure, is a vital part of everyone's life,
This is one of the best gifts science could ever give.

Menaka Kamath K
X 'A'

Words of Appreciation

jomin johnson It was quite a wonderful article.
vilee Thanks. Very useful for us.
B.sheshastri kumaran please arrange the merits and demerits

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