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The Disobedient Child

There once was a disobedient child
who always got what he wanted
If he didn't he would go wild!

He never listened to his parents
and screamed when he was told to do his chores
When he was told to eat, he just said
I won't eat for you! If I am forced
I will pour sauce on your head!

When his pickles were green
he let out a moan
his mother made a face which was very mean
his father followed with a groan!
After all he was so thin
that his parents wondered if they
had committed a sin?

This little boy had no friends
and because of his tantrums
his father was always at his wit's ends!
When he went swimming
his parents got so mad
that their hair started greying.

At last the news came to a fairy
a funny fairy queen named Maya
who went to ask Mother Mary
what to do with this horror of a child
who was so bad and never made
a tantrum that was mild!

Finally they decided to do something
off they went to this child's house
In the disguise of maids
they played cards and taught the
child to always win with spades.

After this the child was very nice
no one knew what had happened
the child always thanked people thrice!

Malini Srikrishna
Age 9 years

Words of Appreciation

Usha Ramachandran Hi Malini! That was a good piece! Hope you are as good as that boy turned out to be!
Nalini and Sridharan Very nice imaginative poem. Disobedient chidren can reform themselves withot waiting for the Fairy!

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