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Bhagat Singh


Bhagat Singh was very courageous,

He stood up for his country

Since the British were very outrageous.

The British mistreated the Indians,

They took their money; they took their land,

And those who fought for freedom, they handcuffed their hand.

Bhagat Singh came and said, "We will not be defeated,

We will win back our rights and freedom, even though we have been cheated."

He was arrested for protesting against the British misrule,

So they hung him at dawn on March 23, 1931.

He was a hero who will always be India's favorite son.

Samir Bhagat 
 (9 years)  lives in Woodinville, WA in USA. 
His  parents are Indian and have always encouraged him to learn
more about India. He wrote this poem on Bhagat Singh for a national contest in the US
called Reflections. 

Words of Appreciation

Anonymous Samir, your poem is very well written and all that you have written is very, very true. You are a very good writer. You write poetry very, very Good!
Kaustav Excellent poem.
Lavanya Narayan Your poem was excellent. In fact, my hero is Bhagat Singh. I am very happy you wrote this poem!
Nidhi Samir, you write very nice poem. It is heart touching.
Aditi Samir, It is really good to know that even though you are residing in U S A you are so deeply interested in the history of India. The benevolent Bhagat Singh really taught us patriotism. You write excellent poems and I would love to read more. So keep writing and send them to this beautiful website where you could display your talent and we all could read it.
Rathnavel A Short and a Sweet Poem..Well done Samir
Neeraj.S.D Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was a wonderful poem, it helped me for my history project!!!
nilli it was sad, samir. i didnt like it at all...
nilli hey that was coooooool.....keep it up, dude.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiran Bhagat Singh is a great man. Try writing poems of a higher standard for him.
Indian hero That was wonderful, Samir. It's nice to see a 9 year old kid in America have such feelings. Kudos to your parents for teaching you good values.
manjeetsmarty Samir I love this poem & I love Bhagat Singh very much
karandeep singh Samir firstly I am proud of you as a indian you do really good job but according to me if you are really impressed by Bhagat Singh then try to get the .ooo1% of Bhagat Singh's patriotism and love for his country
aby It's Good
Rachna Dear Samir The poem written by you is a very nice poem and is a good way of thanking the great legends who gave us free land to live in and free air to breath. I hope if our present day leaders can learn to sacrifice a little bit for their country India can achieve great heights and be again called the 'Sone ki Chidiya'. Thanks to your parents to teach you and encourage you to learn more about India. I hope also that Indians settled in USA and other countries also learn and give back their knowledge and energy in making India the world's best country. Do write more poems and try to spread it more. Great job. I will also encourage my son to know more about our history Rachna
anmol sameer vande maataram Tommorow is 15th August and reading this poem today about my real life hero was a great experience.Your poem has given words to my thoughts about Bhagat Singh. India is a free country BUT still so many problems.... For Indians staying outside India like me--"Bahar jakar aisa kuch mat karna ki apne Bhaarat ka naam neecha ho" thanks
Harshal It is amazing to read your poem. The words are very patriotic and energetic. Even till date we are remembering Bhagat Singh. So keep doing nice poems to remind Bhagat Singh in every Indian's heart. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.
suman Bhagat Singh is great and I am a girl who is inspired by him.
Amarvir Singh Bal Bhagat Singh is a HERO!!!
Ajith I am an ardent patriot. I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw this page and realized that there were still patriotic people in this world of greed.
Ankit Jain Nice poem.. But rather than poem try and look on to the life of the great man...Get .01% of what he did and encourage others to do that..
Anubhav Pradhan I am a student of class twelve and am the editor of my school magazine. All I can say about this poem is that had Samir been in my school, I certainly would have published this poem!
ROMY GILL Bhagat Singh Zindabad
Divyajit Mind Blowing and very touching poem.
yash verma Excellent poem. I am in class 6th and I read your poem and it was very true about BHAGAT SINGH. KEEP WRITTING POEMS LIKE THIS.
palash chhabra Nice poem. It helped me a lot.
ATUL AGGARWAL Bhagat singh was a good man.
Maroof It is excellent.
Khushi Singh It helped me for my school project based on "BRAVERY"

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