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By: Deepa, Baltimore, USA


You are a special person so dear to my heart, 

I knew friends we would be right from the start. 

Friends like you are few and far apart, 

To express it all to you, oh where do I start? 

Days come and days go by, 

We never say things we should, 

I don't know why. 

In this fast moving world we all live in 

Everyone should take time to tell a friend 

How special they are and what they mean to you, 

For without a friend what would we do? 

So now before the end of this day, 

Here are a few words I want to say. 

You have been there all along 

And never let me down, 

Though at times depressed 

And wearing a frown. 

You wear that smile that brightens the way, 

Lifts the load, and helps me through another day. 

Remember me when you need a friend, 

Because friends we will be till the end. 


Words of Appreciation

Tina Hi Deepa! I liked your poem. Keep up your good work. I wish you BEST OF LUCK to achieve success in all your attempts.
Malyatha Shridharan Your poem is fantastic. Keep up your good work Write more!
Anupama Please write more poems about friends.
Manoj Kumar Really its a great work.
Ashok Javeri Beautiful!! hows this:-  Oh Friend  from days past, our friendship shall eternal last. Each day I watch...when shall we meet... each day passes on, without you to greet. yet ever close to my heart u are, where ever u are...My friend you are
Deepa Hi!! These lines are quite impressive and touchy. Maybe you can make it a bit elaborate and post it in the main column for viewers like me to read and enjoy!! Good Luck!!
Mann hi, I have read your poem. I would say its fine but I feel somewhere you are confused about friendship because of your and your friend's fast life but still you can express your feelings to him/her by mail cos he/she may not physically be there with you but when he/she reads about it he/she will surely answer it. This is my experience.
Girish I like your poem very much. Please write more about love & friendship
Theresa Hi Deepa!I like your poem very much. Keep on writing poems ..please write more about friends.
K.ANAND I like your poem very much. Write more poems.
chaitanya Great poem Deepa I think you got friend in your life which led to the poem.
chyna nickens Hey Deepa I think your name fits you well. Your poem was very deep and it touched my soul and I enjoyed reading it.
vidya Hey read ur poem just now. May be I am too late. But would love to say that I am a lover of poem with meaning and must say your poem has touched my heart. Keep writing on my mail address if you have more of such poems. Bye.Have a great time.

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