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My Escape

My Escape

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Once I provoked danger, it was a fault of
my own

For fun I went and poked a dragon

It wasn't a normal one, eyes green and fiery

Huge, burly and filled with fury

I ran for a long time, hoping not to fail

Trying to shake the dragon off my tail

I became exhausted, but I didn't slow down

In this sea of fear, I did almost drown

I ran till I didn't know where I was

for miles I ran and didn't see even a house.

It was then I realized that I was lost

All at my own cost

Then I reached a lovely land

Beside the sea, with golden sand

And I saw that I wasn't running

Yes, I know it was funny

Then I saw back, just a tall tree,

And not the dragon who was chasing me

"This is great," I thought,

"In this lovely land I am oh so lost."

I built a house on the sands

Out of my own two hands

To live with me, there were none

But I lived happily all alone.

Words of Appreciation

Varalakshmi your poem is very interesting. It sounds more like a fantasy. I am sure children would love to listen to it.
Dipti This poetry shows you have a great sense of originality and creativity. Keep it up. It works like an inspiration to all of us.
Sneha This is really nice and a bit funny poem.
Anonymous Cool. Very good!
Amanda It is very funny and creative.

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