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Earth is Not Ours Alone

Earth is Not Ours Alone

Earth is not ours alone,

Lions, leopards, rabbits, chimps

Tigers, butterflies, donkeys and minks,

All inherit it.

Once they were happy,

And there was enough to eat,

Some ate grasses

And some ate meat.

Then came a creature named man,

He had no horns or a tail,

He spoke,

Didnít roar or bark or even wail.

Man had two hands and feet

Which the animals had never seen,

He was a mean creature

Always curious and keen.

Man didnít make them friends,

But unnecessarily killed these creatures

And did not realise

What Nature had to teach us.

Now (though late) he has understood,

That animals are his brothers,

And I hope now he shares this land with them,

For earth is not ours alone.


Khushboo Gala

Std 4B†

Queen Mary School†


Words of Appreciation

Ahmed This is very good.
Khushboo Well your poem is awesome. Just too Big Wordings.
Khushbu Chheda Hi! Your poem is really great.Keep writing more
unnimaya Can you send me a poem and story about water

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