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Exams by Anandita

Exams are ahead,
no way, rather than studying instead.

Life no here, no there,
just to the point,
chemical formulae and symbols,
what is joint?
You know which subject, I am telling about,
Science just makes my anger bulging out.

Hindi just makes me sleepy,
hiding my face in the books for hours,
students would rather like to here the bell,
and go home in their bus and cars.

History, Geography and Civics,
just make me feel sad.
Solar System, Rajya Sabha and When who fought
which battle?
Uff ! all this make me mad.

Mathes is just a problem,
which can't be solved.
All figures and formulae are involved.

Exams are ahead,
no way, rather than studing instead.

What a headache? But still ...........
Please God, bless me that I pass,
for my future sake.

Anandita Choudhary
Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan
Class- VII A

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