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In the deep kingdom underground

There is no light and little sound.

Down below the earth's green floor

The rabbit and the mole explore.

The quarrying ants run to and fro

To make their populous empires grow.

Do they, as I pass overhead,

Stop in their work to hear my tread?

Some creatures sleep and do not toil,

Secure and warm beneath the soil.

Sometimes a fork or spade intrudes

Upon their earthly solitudes.

Downward the branching tree-roots spread

Into the country of the dead.

Deep down, the buried rocks and stones

Are like the earth's gigantic bones.

In the dark Kingdom underground 

How many marvellous things are bound!

Sankalp Thakur,

Div:  V A

Lokhandwala Foundation School,

Kandivli, Mumbai,

Words of Appreciation

Anuradha Harish Beautiful poem...Hard to believe that a standard five student has such an incredible vocabulary! Thoughts have flowed well. Rhyming excellent. Really makes the reader feel the underground world. Sankalp, keep up the good work!! Write more poems and nurture your talent.
Nishant Junjunwala It was an excellent poem but it was copied from a Gulmohar text book. This is cheating.
Kaustab Nice poem but copied.
Arooj Bad girl!!!!! Next time write your own poem and be creative. Just try to write about anything. Its worth trying.

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