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I wonder why

I wonder why roses are red
And why do we need
A needle and thread
I wonder why the water is blue
And why in this world
Was there any flu
I wonder why the grass is green
And have ghosts
Ever been seen
I wonder why sea water is salty
And are my maths
Equations faulty
I wonder why stones are hard
And is the Queen of Spades
My lucky card
I wonder why birds can fly
And are snakes really sly
I wonder why the sun gives out light
And why are diamonds
Always bright
I wonder why God made things
To wonder about
I think it is time for us
To figure it out!!!

Vasundhara Gaekwad
Std: 6-C
School: Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan's V.M. Public School, Vadodara.

Words of Appreciation

kaashvi I agree with your poem! I think you are a young poet!!!!!!
kaashvi i agree with your poem! i think you are a young poet!!!!!!
Rachna Cool poem! I agree with it! You will become a great poet!
chitrangana Great job girl and yeah as people think you are a young and a great poet.

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