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Friendship is superior to love!

Which is the very first relationship we all go through?
That very first relationship
Is of friendship!

Your love may not always support you,
During your hard days
But a true friend
Is always near you
Whenever you need!

Your love makes you feel someone special,
Someone who’s totally different from you
But a true friend will always make you realize
Your true self!

Your love may someday leave you
Which could be hard for you,
But a true friend will always be with you
Till your last days!

Your love will not always make you feel that
You are special to them,
But your true friend will always make you feel
How precious and special you are to them!

Love is made up of those things
Which will only make your relationship weak
But friendship is made up of trust and sacrifice
Which will only strengthen your relationship!

That is why,
Friendship is the beginning
And the end
Of every relationship!

Rachana Sukuru

Words of Appreciation

aishwarya Hey this poem is wonderful coz this my friend's poem.
vidya You made my best friend realise what I always wanted from her.

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