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To See Me Smile & Three at a Table

To See Me Smile

Three at a Table

When I was a baby

He'd lie near me

And watch me smiling

And when the nanny came

To give me a bath

I'd scream when water touched my eyes

And he would run

Run to his room and lock the doors

Because he couldn't stand me screaming

I didn't see him often

As most children see their grandparents

And when I did see him

I was never grateful

Because I couldn't wait to go and play

But I'd always sit with him

On a big hammock, and he'd tell me stories

I think I was a disappointment

As I got older

I gave this kind sweet man an attitude

I let him know I didn't want him there

It must have been much worse than my crying

I never got to love him

The way that he loved me

He forgave me for my mistakes

And gave me his unconditional love

But I always pushed away

And now that he's gone

I regret everything

I want to go back to those carefree days

Of telling stories and lying around

I want him to be there to see me happy

I just want to be able to smile for him

That's all it would take

I'm from old beat up furniture

Striped, spotted and stained

That made do for time being

I'm from small open rooms

Where secrets couldn't be contained

I'm from a large apartment

Where friends could run free

Lost from the world

I'm from flowers and walkways

Friendly and clean

I'm from a home far from relatives

With only Amma and Acha

As the only child

I'm from 3 at a table

And holidays sparse

I'm from friends won't be there

Until the end

And we do it because we love you

I'm from it doesn't matter

What other people do

I am from tangy spices

And hot rice with curry

With a vegetable on the side

I'm from cold sticky ice cream

And buttered-up breads

I am from a corner of the world

That has long gone from my life

From a particular street

I've never again visited

From a place where my past is kept

And observed from a distance

Words of Appreciation

Prashanth Great poems Shruti.
Sindhu. V Shruti. You really excel yourself in the subject of poems. I'd like to be a friend of yours. Mail me if you wish.
Monisha Shruti, you have written your poems very well. I' m Monisha, 7th standard. Send me e-mail. I want to make you my best friend
Rasna Hi Shruti maine teri poems padhi. They were really very nice at last tughe yaad hoga maine hi tughe yeh poems sekhai thi. JUST KIDDiNG. kal school mein batana ki tune mera mailo padha ki nahin Anyways bye
Apraa Saighal Shruti, you have written a very beautiful poem. My best wishes for the same.  May god bless you!
Meena Thakur Your poem was great. I liked it very much.
Disha I loved your poems. E-mail me pretty soon because I want to be your friend.
Mani Really a great job. Hi this is mani, I work as a medical transcriptionist. One day incidentally while looking for something on net I read your poems. Nice ones. Really they are. Keep on. Best wishes.
Sameer Wow!! Great work. I too write poems and was delighted to find yours posted over here and it was a pleasure reading them. Very insightful.
Ephreim "pRiMo" Lorenzo So C'te for baby book!!

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