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Light House

Oh! Tell me who you are
You say you live on dry ground
But are soaking wet quite through
I wonder who you are.
You’re not my dear old brother
Who always plays with water
And yet you say you live near me
I wonder who you are.
You’re not my dear old gold fish
That lives in the garden pond.
But yet you say you meet lots of fish
I wonder who you are.
You’re not my crystal vase
Which shines in the sun with a blinding light.
But still you tell me you give lot of light
I wonder who you are.
You’re quite old and rusted
But you help many ships
Ah! I know who you are
You’re just my friendly lighthouse.

Ansila M Thomas
6th A
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans, Chevayur, Calicut, Kerala.

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