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My Friend



My Friend


I like to watch your,

smiling face with 

charming little eyes.

It tells me what you

want to say and

makes me perform it.

It has a power to 

attract me and it makes me

stay with you.

Now if I have a boon to get,

it would be to

make you stay with me 


By :

Veena Radhakrishnan,


Words of Appreciation

Shilpa Hi Veena, your poem is excellent and very nice to read. It shows the luv that you have for your friend. Bye!!
Ananda Black I love the poem! I could never write something that beautiful. I envy you ... in a good way.
Beckey O.K.
Gordon Nice poem
Jamieshiea I love your poem because of you I won the poem contest and it shows that you would be there for your friends. please e-mail me I love your poem.
Beth I like your poem, but I Think it would be better if it Rhymed.
Jack Thoughtful, heartfelt poem. I don't like the comma after "your" in the first line, though. I also might work on the part about the boon. No matter, it's still a beautiful poem
nivas Hi veena, Your poem is good. Are you in love with someone?
veena You are funny... but you know what... when I was a kid... I had a friend by your name... he was really cute... You wanna be friends with me??... :-)

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