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Not What I Expected

Not What I Expected

By :

Deepa Radhakrishnan

Baltimore,  USA

My life has a dullness
now, not like the happy times of my youth 

But like a cloth that has been washed too many times 

or like a silent gray moth that flutters with tuneless

This is not what I expected. 

I'd thought I'd be
happy now like a bird that flies so high... 

With no cares, no worries...but life has taken my youth 

which I can remember just like yesterday 

But it seems as though between yesterday and today years have
passed me by. 

I didn't know I'd be lying to the world, my emotions on an edge
as thin as air 

yet hanging balanced between being sane and being not. 

My inner fears of being someone I'm not. 

I am living my fears in the flesh yet... 


I had not expected this. 

This violent turmoil
building inside me, 

the mistrust permeating the air around me. 

The hatred I feel for life because I cannot control my own life
because life controls all life 

And blames it on fate. 

I had expected to be halfway through my dreams and goals. 

Not wandering about with adult problems and adult worries of never
being able to be myself. 

but my self older wiser and restricted by life. 

I had not expected

I had not expected to feel as if half my life is over 

Like an ageless flute that’s tune is not quite right... 

I had not expected this, 

this loneliness, 

this feeling of being rejected by the world. 

Nothing ever like this. 

Nothing quite like this 

I am only 16 years old.

Words of Appreciation

Nisha Hey Deepa!! your poem is really fantastic. Keep writing more...…
Beth Love The poem! It was so cool to read!
frances I love your poem. I am 15 years old and feel the same way
swarna rajesh I had sent a poem last year called 'a note of thanks'and I wish it would be printed in the next edition.
chyna nickens Like I said about your other poem this one really touched my soul and I can relate to it.

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