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Dear Candle

Dear Candle

You burn and burn but gently  give me light.

Whether on hand or on land, you softly give me light.

You guide me when its dark, like my teacher in the class.

Whether it rains or it snows, you look like a  beautiful lass.

You flicker sometimes but you try hard to stay,

Whether we pray or we play, you always give your ray.

You make light from dark skies above,

Like my  mother's warmth and love.

Lets all learn from you how to be a dove.

By :


(8 years)

Block 912, 

Apt # 06-115,


Street 91,

Singapore 520912


Words of Appreciation

Srinidhi Iyengar Dear Malya, your poem is very nice. I like that poem. write often.
Vedha I liked your poem. You have got lots of skills with your words and expressions. Do write more!
Alwan Hi Maalya! that was nice. I hope this summer holiday, you will more to delight us .
Sri It is very nice to see 8 years old write such a wonderful poem. I really enjoyed it and pl. keep writing more poems.
Akshat I liked your poem and please write more of such poems and stories
Nisha Hey!! Malya, your poem sounds good. You can improve your skills by writing more poems .
Lenora Mascarenhas Dear Maalya, I liked the poem very much and your rhyming words to make it sound more beautiful. Please keep writing many more beautiful poems like this.
Jerin Exellent, marvellous and fantastic
Divya Kamath Dear Maalya, Your poem is really good. There is a lot of Talent in You.
Shibali Malla Your song is very wonderful and nicely written. I like such poems.
Malyatha That was a really great!
Sally Oh Wow! What a wonderful poem it is!
Radha Hi your poem is fantastic. Keep writing more.
Sally Dear Malya, your poem is best! love Madhu.
Santhana Your poem is very nice
Madhumitha Dear Malyatha, Your poem is nice. Keep it up.
Madhu oh wow! your poem was great!
Geeta Good use of words and rhyming. Keep it up.
Jack Sean That was a very nice poem.. Keep it up! Keep writing more and you will develop your skills! Bye!!
manikandan Your poem is so good. I feel a touch in my heart.. all the best..
shraboni oh dear! You are 8yrs old. I can't believe it. You have a very good talent in yourself. keep it up.
june Nice poem, pls write more poems like this.

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