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Remembering My Friend

Remembering My Friend

You can only see what happens when I close
my eyes,

to think about you and remember those times

when we were together,

and when we were close friends,

those beautiful times which now hurt to think of.

All those long talks we had together,

I liked the way you made me feel happy,

you made my heart as weak as a feather.

You introduced me to the beautiful world of friendship,

Something I haven't felt for a while.

Now you are gone, I'm just lonely and depressed,

I cry myself to sleep every night,

I can't get a drop worth of rest.

I used to wonder,

If my heart was worth being broken,

now I know, if I could ever go back,

I'd do it all over again.

By :

Deepa Radhakrishnan



Words of Appreciation

Rumana Saiyed Sorry!! I liked the poem but could not understand it, as I am too small. I am just 7 years old.
Twister It is good and my mom likes it.
Twister Me again Twister. My friends liked it and my dad also.
Santosh Prabhu I guess u were a kind of close pals and u r missing that friend of urs very badly, but anyway a very good poem.
DawnDew I can understand your feelings Deepa, because I too lost my best friend. It filled my eyes with tears. Oh that wonderful world of Friendship!
Lenora Mascarenhas Hi Deepa, your poem is excellent and you have written everything including your feelings about your friend. When I was reading the poem I myself felt in my heart exactly what you have written. To me a friend is a beautiful flower in the garden of love
Jackie I think it is a very good poem because when I was in 2nd grade I lost a friend. I used to be depressed and cried all the time but now I am in 6th grade.. and I almost forgot about it.
Pratyusha Hai Deepa, it is really a wonderful poem. It filled me with thoughts about my best friend who went to a distant place. After reading this poem I felt that it is really about me.
Ashna Hi Deepa, your poem is very nice, too deep in words and art and touching too...for a moment I felt too sad inside loosing a very special friend but well that wont stop me from continuing dosti with others. Great work,!!
Malyatha Shridharan What a fantastic poem! Keep writing more!.
Alok This poem reminds me of my friend, whom I lost, I have had sleepless nights after that, wondering why we were such good friends, and I know for sure no one, ever will be able to take that place in my heart, why did I get so close to the person, I always question to myself, end up with no answer. whatever I am is because of him, and I don't believe I am writing this to you. I haven't told this to anyone... I miss him so much.
George Williams A well written poem Deepa. Ironically, I had to send it to my friend also named Deepa... who just loved your poem. Thankz.
Rabia You write great. I mean it is just lovely.
Gishore j kallarackal Great
Raghu Hey Dear, I really like your poem, I want to send some of my poems and I hope you like em.... Send me a reply
aby Excellent
Deepa Hey! Thanks for your encouraging comments.. PS: Raghu, send me your poems and I would love to read them.. Hope you all have a great day!
prathusha.prabahar The poem was great
peggy It was very sentimental and beautiful and made me think about all my friends.
B.,J Hey that's a great poem. I also lost a best friend, but it pained me more than to be put in words. Anyway it's great. I liked it a lot.
rumble doodle It was an excellent poem. I too write poems like this but not as good as this.

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