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You are a hero

Mukesh Setia

You are a hero

Why thinking you got a

You are working coz you are a hero

At times probably things are not fine

So keep on trying coz you are a hero

Believe in God and try again

Surely you will get a gain coz you are a hero

In this noisy world become a silent bud

To give a touch of real ice-cold coz you are a hero

Jump and make dozen rainbows in the sky

You can make people really fly coz you are a hero

Face, colour and height never matter too much

Be strong never deviate from a path of belief

coz you are a hero

Many of
us are worried about their physical appearance. Complexion, Height,
Hair, Baldness, Let these worries never govern you. You can perform; if
you fail never mind, try again. You yourself are an opportunity, Capable
of creation. Stay undefeated. You, everyone is a Hero.

Words of Appreciation

sushma Really your poem is fantastic. The moral behind this is very important to each and every one in this world.
lipi batra The poem is undoubtedly too good, but the interpretation put in is also equally good. As a matter of fact we students right from the very beginning learn to assess people by their physical appearances and their standings in the society and hence we ourselves are concious about the same, forgetting that real beauty in perseverance,incomplacency and the will to work and never give up no matter what, and whatever it takes!!!!!!! Hence sir this is somthing we all should take note of, thank you so much for bringing this very very true and such an obvious fact to our notice which we perhaps had forgotten!!!!!thanks once again!!!!!!!!!:)
Hempriya Well its amazing and works as a motivation for especially those who are very much disheartened with themselves. Love the way its put up. "You are a hero" constantly reminds us to give in the best every now and then.
rubai shinde I was just thinking about going to the parlour but your poem changed my mind. Thanks for reminding me what my school told me.

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