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Chicken Flu

By Deepthi

Chicken Flu

A B C D E F G let it go to

Thus I started learning them.

A for Apple and B for Bird

Thus I started learning words.

Eat or Ate? Fly or Flew?

Learning Tense really tensed me up.

All this went on nicely well,

Till I went to my Uncle's Farm.

I was thrilled when I saw,

Chickens standing near the fence!

Just a clap and just a bang,

That was enough to make them fly!

One went up and hit the roof

And fell down dead like a log.

Out came Uncle running fast

"What is all this?" asked me loud.

Then he saw the chicken there

Lying like a log, Oh dead!

That was enough to drive him mad

"How it happened? you Explain".

I took it as a chance to try

What I learned in my class.

Thus I started saying him

"I clap and the Chicken fly,

Sorry, sorry chicken flew

One went up and look at there

There it lies dead and stiff".

"Did you say the chicken died

Because of the Chicken Flu?"

Oh my God, It has come

The chicken Flu really killed my chick!

Then he ran to the town so fast

Shouting same thing all his way!

Thus it started spreading fast

Faster than a bird can fly!

But I know the fact is what

Just my English nothing else

Flew what I said but Flu he thought

That what caused all this mess!

Words of Appreciation

aishwarya Really it's a nice poem.
jason No offence or that but I couldn't understand your poem! was it meant to be like that?
swathi Good one.
niranjan Great!what a presentation!
abhilasha Fantastic!!!
Janhavi Very nice poem or story I don't know.
abhilasha I liked your poem very much.
caro Very bad
rashin Great work.
malyatha Nice. Keep it up.
KAVITA Very good poem. I like it.
RISHABH Nice rhymes made and good poem.
mahitha Not at all nice!
shasi varman It's a super poem. Nice. Cool.
Vasundhara Gaekwad It's a nice poem.
sayesha No offence but your english is really really bad.
Colin Great work!
Chad Well done!
shikha This poem is very nice and it can be easily be understood.

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