Gandhi Quiz



By Cicy


Why, thou art kicked from here and there?

Why, then and there you shift the place?

will of the whisp, thou wanderth why?

Stay in one place, stay in one

Then will grew not if thou roll.

Nay I liketh to stand and sit,

Lie or fall and run or walk,

Nay I liketh to play and cry.

Yes I like to be in one;

One in one place, once and ever;

Yes I like it and else neigh.

I don't want to lick thy shoe,

Just for this or just for that,

Nor for all the world thy promise.

Nay I never bend my head,

Let me loose the whole world ever.

Yes I keep my head at high,

Thou can't make it bowing one,

Yes you can cut it but it won't;

it won't bend, especially in front of you


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