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Pollution Pollution


Age: 10 yrs


Donít make pollution,

Give some solution,

Donít make pollution,

Man made pollution

And Donít have solution


Donít make Pollution .

Words of Appreciation

anil nanda It's a very good poem from a small child she has good thoughts about pollution. We all must learn from this poem to stop making pollution.
Amanda This is a very good poem and I'm happy that you wrote this and are telling the people to stop making pollution. Anyway nice poem!!!
anita You have written a very good and nice poem. It is really good. If you write more poems, please send it to me.
shourya Your poem was very short. It should be atleast a page long.But it was still very nice.
Kavi Can we get some real poems? Are these the trailers? Such things are known as slogans not poems.
hellomotto It's great that you are expressing your feelings on pollution. keep it up
bala kaushik Hi Drishti, actually I was searching a website for my baby to have some slogans on pollution & I found this slogan. It is very good. Most importantly you wrote this at such a small age. Please keep it up & I wish u great success in your whole life. Love u darling. I also have a baby of 9 yrs who is in 4th std and she is looking for hindi slogan on Pollution- so finally got this site. nice reading this slogan. If you have something else on pollution please pass it on to others also. Thanks. bye Aunty
swati singh Such a small child has understood the harm which pollution can cause. Then why not others.
shikha shukla Nice poem. In fact very nice.
geetha dasarath Hi. It is nice to know a small girl of ten years can be responsive and sensitive to a burning issue,a health attitude bearing in mind. Today's children are tomorrow's citizens.
Mohit Lakhotia Hi , Wow it's great to see that a 10 year old girl can write such a good poem. Great! it's really great! Keep on writing. Good Luck!
apoorv yadav This is such a foolish poem for class 10.
Ellisha Jazz Prado It is too short!
Rubai Shinde its a nice poem with funny rhyming words and I liked it very much. Rubai, St. Joseph's Convent, Panchgani, Std VI
franchette mae ladera It has rhyming words and very nice. It is so cool. I can't even thing of such like that.
HEMANT GAJBHIYE In a nutshell. It's a small and sweet poem.
pankaj gajbhiye very nice and inspirational.
shweta This poem was very useful to me.
vidhi parmar This is excellent, especially by a small girl!
pratik good poem
vandita attri Excellent poem by Drishti. Keep it up & welldone.
Shubham good poem
deepanshu very nice poem
paritosh It is the worst poem ever.
kritika nice stuff!!
deepthi Welldone. Too short but was useful for me.
srinidhi It's short but useful.
Izna Its a very good poem,short but useful.
muskaan Really awesomeW well done...!!!!
Eshaan Ranjan Very nice poem but very short.
apurva its good...........
lavanya Nice poem. But too short.
anhad It is very good.
vaibhav upadhyay Excellent poem.
ritwik Nice.
SHUBH GARG It's very short.
Shelly Very very very short for a 6 th grader
bhumika arora A good poem but a short one. Can only be used for small kids.
bhumika arora Good but Short!
Apoorvaa Agarwal HI Dristi! You hav done a great job. You are only ten and You hav written such a nice poem.
Harsh Dhingra Hey Drishti! You have done an excellent job. it is good for the 4th graders.
p.mahima Drishti actually I had a nice day by reading this. I had a project based on this topic. I selected your poem.
nikunj This poem is good.
rosy it is very cute and funny helped me a lot in homework thank you

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