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Do you remember

Do you remember,
The lush green trees,
All the butterflies,
And the bees?

Do you remember,
A place now very far,
Where we used our feet to travel,
And not a car?

Do you remember,
That gushing river,
All those memories,
Snatched from us in a sliver?

Do you remember,
The cradle of a nature grand,
Now full of garbage,
And turned into a wasteland?

Do you remember,
The winter frost,
After it's gone,
We realise its cost?

Now what do we do,
But repent?
The last traces,
Still being carelessly spent!

They say that drops make an ocean,
But how can you make,
an ocean without drops?

Divya Naik
STD: 9
School: Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary School, Mumbai.

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