Digital Dimdima


Why Only Me?

Why do you not let me grow?
Why shouldn't I spread my wings?
Why shouldn't I breathe?
Why only me? Why only me?

Why can't I live if I am a girl?
Why should I die as soon as I am born?
Why don’t you remember a mother is a girl?
Why don’t you remember ‘she’ is the reason for continuity?
Why can’t I become something?
Why only me? Why only me?

Why shouldn’t I study?
Why should I suffer your cruelty?
Why should I suffer in silence?
Why only me? Why only me?

What sin have I done?
What’s my fault?
What do you know about my capability?
What can I do for you letting me live?
Why this discrimination? Why this distinction?
Why can’t you change your mindset?
Why can’t I stay without any misery?
Why only me? Why only me?

Class 9
Bhavans Public School,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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