Digital Dimdima


How Much?

The world's filled with wonders,
Some quite centric and some in nooks and corners,
Wonders left unseen,
Wonders not given a look at,
Left unexcavated deep below,
Where they are and how they are, no-one knows,
The unseen soul,
One's own body as a whole,
Can one ever explore that much?
How much can one see? How much?
Voices left unheard,
Will they be heard ever?
The silent wishes of the heart,
Everlasting wishes waiting to be fulfilled,
Quiet desires never known,
Conversations left in between,
Unbearable frequencies,
Beyond 20-20,000 Hz,
Will they ever be heard?
How much can one hear? How much?
The flowers deep inside woods left untouched,
Soft feather's unknown grace,
The hearts waiting for an embrace,
Will they ever be touched?
How much can one touch? How much?

D. Ashrita
class 9
Bhavans Public school,
Jubilee hills, Hyderabad

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